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balance-sing solutions drama therapy is the private practice home of Registered Drama Therapist Mallory Minerson. Currently, Mallory is providing therapy and clinical supervision virtually through an online platform. 

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Drama Therapy is for Everyone

Drama Therapy is appropriate for the multidisciplinary treatment of chronic and pervasive mental illness, acute crisis, grief counselling, child and adolescent treatment, adult and older adult treatment, developmental and physical disabilities, trauma informed care, among many other medical and psychological treatments. Click here for the North American Drama Therapy Association’s PR Packet.

Drama Therapists are often seen in hospitals, schools, senior living facilities, private practice, addiction treatment facilities, clinics, and anywhere a therapist may be present.

Mallory Minerson


Mallory is a graduate of New York University's Master's Program in Drama Therapy. New York University's drama therapy program is led by innovators in the profession, and Mallory graduated under Founding Director Dr. Robert Landy, creator of the Role Theory and Role Method of drama therapy.

Mallory completed internships in both community population out-patient treatment in the Bronx, NY, as well as acute Forensic Psychiatry in-patient at New York's well known Bellevue Hospital. While at Bellevue, Mallory composed a group therapy protocol to explore and address medication non-compliance creatively, which ran successfully and with great support from the interdisciplinary treatment team. 

She is a Registered Drama Therapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and LPN, who also holds a diploma of musical theatre from the Randolph Academy in Toronto. 

Mallory is currently on the North American Drama Therapy Association’s Board of Director’s as the Government Affairs Chair. Her work as a drama therapist has included day treatment, in patient psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, psychoeducation, child and adolescent mental health, and school-based mental health. 

Mallory has practiced in New York, Calgary, Northern Alberta and she is currently practicing in the Northwest Territories working deeply with trauma, shame and shame resilience.


Registered Drama Therapist

Canadian  Certified Counsellor

Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

Certification through the Brené Brown Research & Education Group

Clinical Traumatologist

Certification through the Traumatology Institute


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"Drama Therapy is an active, experiential approach to facilitating ch​ange. Through storytelling, projective play, purposeful improvisation, and performance, participants are invited to rehearse desired behaviors, practice being in relationship, expand and find flexibility between life roles, and perform the change they wish to be and see in the world."

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